The focus of this year's EUROCALL conference is reflected in the main conference theme "CALL for humanity". We particularly welcome papers that focus on the interaction of humans and computers in language learning, but themes related to other languages and language technologies in CALL are also very welcome.

This year's conference theme draws attention to the importance of humanity in CALL, opportunities and challenges it brings, ethical and other issues related to use of technology including artificial intelligence in language learning. This conference will contribute to the global action plan for supporting speakers, teachers, and learners by sharing knowledge about the newest trends and technologies in CALL. Researchers and practitioners will be able to share their insights about how to promote humanity in CALL and opportunities to create viable efforts in teaching and training methods for humanity in CALL. However, insights from more commonly used methods in language learning will also be an asset to this conference as they would provide information from research and practice using the latest tools and technologies in language education.

Potential themes could include but are not limited to:

  • Human interaction and CALL
  • Artificial intelligence in CALL
  • Ethical issues in CALL
  • Opportunities and threats and CALL
  • Emotions and CALL
  • CALL and developing soft skills
  • Distant learning and CALL
  • Collaborative learning and CALL
  • High-tech and low-tech environments in CALL
  • Learner assessment in CALL
  • Teacher training in CALL
  • Language management systems (LMSs) in CALL
  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Promoting the learning of languages with CALL technologies
  • Application of theories and frameworks supporting CALL
  • Language corpora and data-driven learning
  • Any other theme related to CALL and language learning technologies are welcome.

Protecting the environment:

Please note that 500 EUR from collected registration fees will be used to plant new trees in Slovakia. This will be done through the Buy Your Own Tree initiative.