List of Confirmed Contributions

A National Survey of Kuwaiti English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teachers' Practical Pedagogical Knowledge for Technology Integration (Research Paper)                          Corresponding author: Maha ALGHASAB

The Case for Watching Gameplay for Language-learning Purposes: Merits and Implications (Research Paper)                                                                                                    Corresponding author: Shawn ANDERSSON

Online ICC: Integrating Social Media for Developing EFL Learners' Intercultural Communicative Competence at an Algerian EFL Context. (Research and Development Paper) Corresponding author: Souad BAILICH

'AI Write'- AI tools for writing: Integration of advanced technology in academic writing within university curricula and student support structures (European Project Dissemination) Corresponding author: Joanna BAUMGART

Beyond words: Navigating the impact of generative AI on writing pedagogy (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                                                        Corresponding author: Joanna BAUMGART

Designing pedagogically cured interface of the CAPTinI system for practising pronunciation in L2 Icelandic (Research Paper)                                                                              Corresponding author: Branislav BÉDI

Research paper                                                                                                      Corresponding author: Linda BRADLEY

AI and Language Learning. ChatGPT: Its affordances and pitfalls (Reflective Practice Paper) Corresponding author: Klaus BRANDL

What does GenAI mean for open education and LMOOCs? (Symposium)             Corresponding author: Kate BORTHWICK

Enhancing Language and Service Learning through CALL: A Study on Integrating Technology in a Community Service Practice Course (Research Paper)                                   Corresponding author: Fidel CAKMAK

Interfacing AI and Humanity: ChatGPT's Scaffolding Role in EFL Poetry Composition (Research Paper)                                                                                                        Corresponding author: Fidel CAKMAK

From Speech to Text: Exploring Automatic Speech Recognition as a Writing Tool (Research Paper)                                                                                                                      Corresponding author: Walcir CARDOSO

Inclusive teaching practices in online language teacher training courses: fostering humanity in CALL (Poster)                                                                                                        Corresponding author: Giovanna CARLONI

Paper to Pixels: the Role of Collaborative Online Journaling in the AI Age (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                                                                      Corresponding author: Geoffrey CARR

Building Cooperative Relationships in Task-Based Language Learning and Teacher Training with Virtual Reality. (Research Paper)                                                                      Corresponding author: Ilaria COMPAGNONI

Using Stimulated Recall Interviews and transcription and waveform analysis software and  to explore fluency issues in student academic presentations (Research Paper)  Corresponding author: Heejin CHANG

An open educational resource to teach language and culture (Research and Development Paper)                                                                                                                     Corresponding author: Heejin CHANG

Hybrid Teaching in Language Education from the Perspectives of Teachers and Students (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                                        Corresponding author: Jinhua CHENG

Influence of Multimodal Portfolios on Preservice English Teachers' Knowledge Construction on English Instruction (Research Paper)                                                                Corresponding author: Chin-Wen CHIEN

Investigating the Effects of A Synchronous Digital Tutoring Project on Elementary Students' English Learning (Research Paper)                                                                        Corresponding author: Chiou-hui CHOU

Engaging Young Learners in Synchronous English Learning with SDGs Lessons (Research Paper)                                                                                                                      Corresponding author: Chiou-hui CHOU

Methodology of Research Syntheses in CALL (Symposium)                                  Corresponding author: Yazdan CHOUBSAZ

Technology-mediated Task-Based Language Teaching in a Virtual Reality learning environment (Research Paper)                                                                              Corresponding author: Maria CHRISTOFOROU

Where the Reader Wanders, Learning Follows: Promoting accessibility, equity and inclusivity in an online literature course (Reflective Practice Paper)                                     Corresponding author: Roisin DEWART

Adequacy and effectiveness of GenAI for open content creation in English for academic and professional communication (Research Paper)                                                        Corresponding author: Paz DÍEZ ARCÓN

Enhancing Lexical Stress Accuracy in L2 Learners: A Pilot Study Using 3D Spectrogram Visualization in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Kizzi EDENSOR COSTILLE

Learner-led Negotiation of Practice in International Online Collaboration (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Darren ELLIOTT

Dances with data, not dreams: Artificial Intelligence and Poetry in English Language Education (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                    Corresponding author: Darren ELLIOTT

Leveraging human computer interactions to scaffold speaking confidence (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                                                        Corresponding author: Federico ESPINOSA

AI Divide and Language Teaching: Can It Be Narrowed? (Reflective Practice Paper) Corresponding author: Mohammad ETEDALI

VEMO-HIST Virtual Exchange: meeting new cultures and learning about their history and language with Artificial Intelligence (Research Paper)                                          Corresponding author: Marta FORTES

Service-Learning through Virtual Exchange to Promote Intergenerational Learning (Research and Development Paper)                                                                                       Corresponding author: Carolin FUCHS

Effective use of foreign languages in digital environments as a prerequisite for Erasmus+ mobility a study among secondary school students (Research Paper)                Corresponding author: Elzbieta GAJEK

Learners are Masters: The Karaoke as an Ergonomic Dispositif for Foreign Languages Learning (Research Paper)                                                                                      Corresponding author: Leïla G-BLILI

AI write': AI tools for L1 and L2 academic writing (Workshop)                                Corresponding author: Marta GIRALD

The only way is up! An online platform to guide and support independent learning (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                                      Corresponding author: Luis GONZALEZ

Interacting with AI in creative translation teaching (Reflective Practice Paper)    Corresponding author: Sara GREAVES

"Exploring Augmented Reality Instructional Design for Language Learning"         Corresponding author: Alice GRUBER

Eight Years of Designing Augmented Reality Applications: Collaboration, Challenges, and Contradictions (Research Paper)                                                                            Corresponding author: Stella HADJISTASSOU

Do teachers modify their instruction-giving strategies when repeating the same task with learners using different communicative modes during synchronous online language tutorials (Research Paper)                                                                                     Corresponding author: Yu-Hsien HUNG

Creating Targeted Technology Standards for Language Teachers: Report on a Canadian Project (Research and Development Paper)                                                          Corresponding author: Phil HUBBARD

Examining the influence of online tutorial conversation in English as a lingua franca on L2 learners' speaking proficiency and intercultural communicative competence (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                                                        Corresponding author: Atsushi IINO

Use of Digital Learning Materials for Inclusive Education (Research Paper)                                 Corresponding author: Shizuka ITAGAKI 

Exploring the Potential of High Immersion Social Virtual Reality for Intercultural Learning in Virtual Exchange Initiatives (Research Paper)                                                        Corresponding author: Kristi JAUREGI-ONDARRA

Using Google Translate TTS and ASR for L2 pronunciation activities in perception and production (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                    Corresponding author: Paul JOHN

COILing for Humanity, Intercultural Sensitivity, and Communicative Competence (Research and Development Paper)                                                                                       Corresponding author: Brent JONES

Students' perceptions of a video letter assignment in an asynchronous virtual exchange project (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                          Corresponding author: Naoko KASAMI

Integrating generative AI in English Medium Instruction: A study on enhancing learning experiences (Research Paper)                                                                                      Corresponding author: Hisayo KIKUCHI

Anxiety, Social Semiotic Play, Multimodal Social Networking, and Multimodal Digital Literacies of L2 Beginning Learners (Research Paper)                                          Corresponding author: Liudmila KLIMANOVA

CALL for Humanity: Promoting Equitable and Inclusive CALL Pedagogies and Practices (Symposium)                                                                                                            Corresponding author: Liudmila KLIMANOVA

Correcting the Corrector: An exploration of AWE accuracy across proficiency levels (Research Paper)                                                                                                                     Corresponding author: Joshua KLOPPERS

The impact of social presence in synchronous online language learning in non-formal adult education for interaction competence (Research Paper)                                      Corresponding author: Kirsi KORKEALEHTO

Impact of Dictionary Interface: Different Lookup Behavior and Learning Outcomes (Poster) Corresponding author: Toshiko KOYAMA

The Selection of an Appropriate Word Counting Unit for Vocabulary Teaching and Learning in CALL Projects (Research Paper)                                                                         Corresponding author: Louis LAFLEUR

RST Discourse Tree Patterns of Early-stage vs. Advanced Writers (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Yayun LI

The impact of scaffolding with AI tools on self-regulated language learning for academic writing (Research Paper)                                                                                        Corresponding author: Dora LOIZIDOU

Integrating Process Data in AI-based Learning and Assessment: Considerations for Learners with Learning Difficulties (Research Paper)                                                           Corresponding author: Sylwia MACINSKA

Exploring the Interplay between WhatsApp and Reflective Journals in Telecollaborative Projects (Research and Development Paper)                                                         Corresponding author: Oneil MADDEN

Exploiting the potentials of Interactive Live Worksheets in French Online Classes in Jamaica (Research Paper)                                                                                                                           Corresponding author: Oneil MADDEN

Exposing Francophone students to the Jamaican Language and Culture: Reflections from the ClerKing Telecollaborative Project (Research and Development Paper)                                        Corresponding author: Oneil MADDEN

ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education in Jamaica: Opportunity or Threat? Reviewing Stakeholders' perceptions (Research Paper)                                                            Corresponding author: Oneil MADDEN

Cross-Cultural Peer Feedback in Academic Writing Tasks: A Virtual Exchange Connecting Students in Sri Lanka with Students in Spain (Research Paper)                           Corresponding author: Marni MANEGRE

Integrating Corpus Linguistics into Technology-Mediated Task-Based Language Teaching: Enhancing EFL Secondary Students' Spoken Grammar Skills (Research Paper)                Corresponding author: Valentina MORGANA

Are we taking the "Ps" seriously on the road to AI personalisation? From Prompts & Pedagogies to Practices & Policies: exploring issues and affordances of AI in CALL with students and researcher-tutors (Research Paper)                                                  Corresponding author: Liam MURRAY

Examining fairness of automatic scoring systems in pronunciation proficiency tests: Exploring age, gender, and first language bias (Research Paper)                         Corresponding author: Carey NELSON

Teaching and learning of specialist languages via AI technologies to enhance the teaching and learning of receptive and productive skills in a multimodal learning environment (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                                      Corresponding author: Ana NINO

Effects of the use of machine translation on learners' foreign language writing: A qualitative study (Poster)                                                                                                              Corresponding author: Mikie NISHIYAMA

Language Teaching in Virtual Immersive Environments: A Discussion on Effective Task Design (Symposium)                                                                                                Corresponding author: Susanna NOCCHI

AI SIG Symposium                                                                                                  Corresponding author: Louise OHASHI

Using ChatGPT for academic communication: Students' perspectives (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Jaeuk PARK

Tensions between homogenization and empowerment: student reflections on the impact of AI on human voice (Research Paper)                                                                     Corresponding author: Marilize PRETORIUS

Integrating digital movie-making projects in EFL teacher training (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Silvia POKRIVCAKOVA

Extensive Reading: AI-Powered Interactive Reader Creation (Reflective Practice Paper) Corresponding author: Gary ROSS

Possibility of Enhancing English Language Learning through AI Avatars in Virtual Reality: Effects on Students' Speaking Performance and Foreign Language Anxiety (Research and Development Paper)                                                                                                Corresponding author: Yukie SAITO

How does ChatGPT compare with human-generated corrective feedback for grammatical accuracy development in EFL learners' written productions? (Research Paper)  Corresponding author: Cédric SARRÉ

A Semi-systematic Review of Research on Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in Second-Language Acquisition (SLA) (Research Paper)                                          Corresponding author: Anne-Marie SÉNÉCAL

English conversation lessons for Japanese EFL Students using Metaverse (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Eisaku TAKAHASHI

How AI Can Assist Student Presentations (Reflective Practice Paper)                        Corresponding author: Anthony C. TORBERT

A Study on the effectiveness of cross-disciplinary teaching in cultivating medical English pronunciation through a corpus-based computer-assisted English pronunciation training (Research Paper)                                                                                                        Corresponding author: Pihua TSAI

LexPro: A plurilingual lexical profiling tool for research and materials development (Research and Development Paper)                                                                          Corresponding author: Amaury Van PARYS

AI-powered tools in English pronunciation classroom: an action research report (Research Paper)                                                                                                                      Corresponding author: Hana VANCOVA

Exploring the Roles and Impacts of Reflective E-Portfolios in Higher Education Elective Language Courses: A Study of Chinese as a Foreign Language in an Irish University (Research Paper)                                                                                                                          Corresponding author: Mengdi WANG WANG

Mobile Resources to Improve Oral Proficiency Beyond the Classroom for Tourism Students in a Low-Tech Environment (Research Paper)                                                            Corresponding author: Gina WARD

Sink or swim? Learner autonomy in synchronous oral telecollaboration from a task-based perspective (Research Paper)                                                                                Corresponding author: Ciara WIGHAM

Digital language learning strategies: Autonomous learning and CALL (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Joseph WOOD

The Effect that the Mental Therapy through Children Songs Brings to Adults (Workshop) Corresponding author: Toshihiro YAMANISHI

On the development of medical English ESP learning model using VR space (Reflective Practice Paper)                                                                                                       Corresponding author: Iwao YAMASHITA

The long-term effect of using gamified quizzes for formative assessment purposes on student engagement in an EFL reading course in a Chinese university (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Rui YAN

Prospective English Language Teachers' Corpus Literacy Skills and Corpus-based Materials (Research Paper)                                                                                                    Corresponding author: Ece Genç YÖNTEM

Navigating New Frontiers: An Exploratory Study of AI Literacy Skills among Second Language Learners (Research Paper)                                                                                      Corresponding author: Artem ZADOROZHNYY

Enhancing Automated Generation of Multiple-Choice Cloze Vocabulary Questions: Integrating Google Ngram and Collocation-Based Stem Generation into […] (Research Paper) Corresponding author: Qiao WANG

LCTL symposium                                                                                                     Corresponding author: Jacqueline ŻAMMIT

Virtual exchange as a personalised experience: the role of personality traits (Research Paper)                                                                                                                     Corresponding author: Junyao ZHANG